About A Automotive Services

Mechanical servicing specialists

After more than 20 years of providing our clients with top-quality service, A Automotive Services is well established as one of New Zealand’s leading automatic transmission and gearbox specialists.

We have highly trained technicians and the most advanced diagnostic equipment specifically focused on drivetrain maintenance and upgrades. We service, repair, recondition and rebuild auto transmissions, manual gearboxes, torque converters, differentials and transfer cases.

We also provide a wide range of other under-car services, including servicing and maintenance of wheel bearings, axles, suspension and CV joints.

Our workshop is located on Auckland’s North Shore, just minutes off the motorway. Most of our customers come from the city and surrounds. However, our reputation has spread so wide that vehicle enthusiasts from far afield also come to us for top-quality service. We even offer a pick-up, repair service where you can have parts freighted to us for repairs!

Quality Service with a Customer Focus

While automotive repair is our passion, we fully realise that it often involves expenses that motorists would rather avoid. That is why we take great care to give you regular, thorough preventative automotive servicing.

If your vehicle does develop a problem, we use our experience and the most advanced electronic diagnostic tools to identify the fault accurately. We keep you fully informed of your options for getting back on the road.

We take pride that any work we do on your vehicle is done right first time, and at sensible cost.

When it comes to automatic transmission repairs and rebuilds, we’re so confident that you’ll have no trouble that we’ll give you a 15-month, 25,000km warranty!

At A Automotive Services we use only top-quality parts (whether new or reconditioned) and our workmanship is of the highest order, everything done with great attention to detail.

And we always deliver our service in a friendly and helpful manner. So dealing with A Automotive Services is as easy and pleasant as possible for you.

You can even use one of our courtesy cars while we’re working on yours.

Our Name is Your Assurance

Quality output and customer satisfaction have been our top priorities at A Automotive Services from the time we first opened our doors back. It has served us and our customers well over the years. You can be assured we’ll do everything we can to keep it that way.

So whether you’re looking to service, recondition or rebuild your automatic transmission, manual gearbox, torque converter, differential or transfer case, you know your vehicle is in good hands with A Automotive Services.

To talk to reliable experts about your car, contact us today.

Automatic Transmission Repairs

Qualified Staff

Highly motivated and trained technicians

The team at A Automotive Services is headed by Karl Browne. He has been in the automotive repair industry since 1983, developing a particular interest in the complexities of automatic transmissions early on.

Over time, Karl earned recognition as one of the true experts in his field in New Zealand, with thorough knowledge of automatic transmission, gearbox, torque converter and differential reconditioning, and the myriad issues that can impact on motor vehicle transmission performance.

When Karl took the helm at A Automotive Services in 1992, he was determined to build it into the best automatic transmission rebuild and repair service in the country.

He has largely achieved this dream. A Automotive Services now count among the most trusted automotive specialists in the country. We are a top-rated supplier to insurance companies as well as other workshops nationwide. The challenge now is to keep lifting our standards.

Success built on a great support team

To deliver to his expectation and that of customers, Karl knew he had to bring together a team of people who could share his passion and match or surpass his own skill.

Through careful recruiting and ongoing staff training, A Automotive Services can now offer our customers the combined experience and expertise of a whole team of highly motivated and trained technicians. People who know just how important your vehicle is to you and will treat it at least as well as they treat their own.

It doesn’t matter if your vehicle is Japanese or American, Korean or European, a powerful SUV or eco-friendly hybrid… A Automotive Services has specialists who can give you the best possible service.

Ongoing training means we’re up with the latest developments

As Karl Browne can attest after a lifetime in the industry, there is always something new to learn. Technology keeps developing, sometimes in astonishing ways.

Modern transmission systems are constantly evolving. That is why just having certified mechanics isn’t good enough for A Automotive. Our staff have to keep on learning and training to ensure they’re fully qualified to deal with the ever-increasing complexity in the field.

So when you bring your vehicle to A Automotive, you can rest assured that it’s in the care of people really know what they’re doing. People who care to do it right – and to do right by you.

Feel free to contact us to discuss any concerns you may have with your vehicle.

Why choose A Automotive Services?

The technicians at A Automotive Services are second to none. We appoint achievers and keep training them to remain ahead of the game. That means we can repair or rebuild your automatic transmission to be as good as new… if not better!

We invest in leading edge electronic diagnostic scanning equipment and train our staff in its use. We also have a fully equipped engineering shop where we can retool or manufacture parts as necessary.

Our business depends on you being happy with the service you get from us.

So we take care to:

  • keep you informed
  • give you options for repair
  • keep costs as low as we can
  • minimise disruption to your life, and
  • get you back on the road as soon as possible.

We specialise in all drivetrain components – repairing and rebuilding automatic transmissions, manual gearboxes, torque converters, differentials and transfer cases. We also do other under-car services, inspecting, fixing and replacing wheel bearings, axles, suspension and CV joints. Our work ranges from routine checks to complete overhauls, rebuilds and installation of exchange parts or performance upgrades.

A Automotive offer FREE services:

  • You can get a FREE check and report. We give you a no-obligation assessment on your vehicle, no appointment necessary (conditions apply).
  • FREE towing within the Auckland metropolitan area (conditions apply).
  • FREE strip and report on automatic transmissions (conditions apply).
  • FREE courtesy cars (conditions apply).

Because of our size and the wide range of work we do, we have machinery and equipment you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. So we can offer you a number of exclusive services. And if you choose to replace your transmission, gearbox, differential or torque converter with a reconditioned one, we have a wide range of top-quality units, all reconditioned on-site to our own exacting standards. We may even be able to offer you general engineering services and machine-shop facilities.

All auto transmissions, gearboxes, torque converters and differentials we rebuild come with our 15-month or 25,000km guarantee, whichever comes first.

We are an insurance warranty company, approved by all the major insurance companies. This includes Lumley, DriveRight, FAI, Swan, Autosure, Protecta and Warranty Direct. We can do your next warranty claim!

If an automotive problem requires an expensive fix, we can help you arrange finance, so you can get your car repaired and back on the road.

Use A Automotive Services for you mechanical servicing, transmission and gearbox repairs or rebuilds and we’ll reward you with AA Rewards Points.

Our company is owned by the people who run it. You can go straight to the top with any problems you may have. All profits go back into the local economy.

So what are you waiting for? Contact A Automotive today or get an online quote.

A Automotive Warranty*

Giving you peace of mind

Our technicians are committed to complete all work on your vehicle with skillful expertise and close attention to detail. We place so much trust in their professionalism that we back all transmission, gearbox, torque converter and differential reconditioning work done by A Automotive Services with a warranty that protects you for a full 15 months or 25,000km.

After we have worked on your car, our customer service staff will follow up with a routine call to ensure that your vehicle is running as it should.

If you ever experience a problem with our rebuilds while the warranty is in force, we’ll have a technician available for you – no questions asked. You never have to feel you need to justify calling us. We want you to have full use of your vehicle and our technicians are fully focussed on finding a solution to keep your vehicle going as it should.

Our warranty covers:

  • All parts installed or serviced by A Automotive technicians.
  • All labour performed by A Automotive technicians.

* The warranty covers you for a period of 15 months or 25,000km, whichever comes first.


What our customers have to say

We do our best to ensure you get the best service possible at A Automotive, not to mention a great deal. If you’ve had a good experience while visiting us we’d love to hear about it.

If you have let us know and we’ll publish it on this page.

I have no hesitation in recommending Karls shop for anyone considering a transmission rebuild.

The transmission is so good now, since Karl worked on it and replaced all the worn out bits. I'd tried to convince myself that all it needed was a TC overhaul, but once Karl took it apart, it was clear that zip kits, seals, solenoids, clutch packs and what not would be needed if the trans was to have any hope of regaining its lost youth. The cost was right up there with cosmetic dentistry, but that's OK because the fluid way in which the trans deals with brisk acceleration makes the car a magic carpet to ride in, probably Karl has done some black magic with the "adaptations" or something, because I can't ever remember it being this smooth, no 2-1 deceleration clunk, no torque converter lock up/unlock jerkiness. Its seamless, especially like the way the controlled slip of the TC and trans work together to keep the twin turbo diesel spinning in its torque peak without jerkiness. I have no hesitation in recommending Karls shop for anyone considering a transmission rebuild.

Many thanks and regards

Jake Waimauku

I would recommend A Automotive to anyone looking for a no fuss professional job

I would like to say thanks to Karl and his team for the great service recently received when purchasing a rebuilt transmission from A Automotive. With clean and organised workshop spaces and friendly helpful staff this business is a pleasure to deal with. It was a great help finding a shop that can actually provide the correct parts for my project car with helpful advice. I would recommend A Automotive to anyone looking for a no fuss professional job. Thanks!

Ver Auckland

I highly recommend this company.

Karl was fantastic with fixing my car. He listened attentively, took it for a drive, booked it in the following day. He solved the problem at 1/10 th of the cost compared to other people who had looked at it. He was great to deal with and really appreciated. I highly recommend this company.

Helen Auckland

Thank you very much AAutomotive.

The automatic transmission of my Ford Mondeo had a tricky problem. There was not an obvious solution to it upon initial inspection. Unlike other places that suggested taking the transission out as the next step, which is a very expensive, Karl repaired it by the process of elimination, which made more sense to me. What impressed me further was that Karl insisted the car stay with them until he is happy with the way the car was running. As a result of his & his teams hardwork & expertise, the car is now running much smoother than before.

Thank you very much AAutomotive.

Jian Yin Devonport, Auckland

Just a Big Thanks to you and your team for fixing my car to my complete satisfaction.

Just a Big Thanks to you and your team for fixing my car to my complete satisfaction.

I came to you with a car refusing to drive uphill and diagnosed by other experts as an automatic transmission issue. You took it for a test drive and within minutes diagnosed the problem as an engine issue thus disproving the opinion of other experts.

The engine dismantled,spare parts purchased, completed repairs,taken for a test drive and the car ready to go, all happened within 5 hours! I have never come across such a pro active and efficient team.

Nithi Auckland

I finally feel safe behind the wheel

Since first purchasing my Audi I have had numerous problems so much so I have felt unsafe driving it. Since picking up my car from A Automotive I find the car so much better to drive and have more confidence in the transmission. The prior faults of reversing, taking off, accelerating etc, have all gone and I finally feel safe behind the wheel. Thank you.

Sandy Auckland

Can you please thank your great team at A Automotive for me.

A few months ago I needed a new gear box for my car. I had it booked in, was given a loan car and my Volvo C70 got its new gear box (all within a few days!). I was just simply thrilled with the service I received. The whole process was so organised and streamlined, it was just a pleasure to be a customer at A Automotive. Having been in my own business for 23 years it such a surprise to say that the process was flawless. The gearbox is running perfectly.

Can you please thank your great team at A Automotive for me.

Laura Coatesville

A Automotive were most helpful.

My 1994 2.6 V6 100E Audi went into 'failsafe mode'. This is a mode where only three gear positions can be selected. The owners manual indicated that there was a problem with the transmission and that the Audi should be taken for repair. I looked up transmission specialists in the yellow pages of the phone book. I was impressed with the straightforward and informative advertisement for A Automotive, 167 Archers Road Glenfield, Auckland. I took the Audi there. This is a very busy workplace in a very busy part of Auckland. I was impressed with the clean atmosphere of the place and the helpful reception I received. Karl Browne suggested that the computer analyser be used to diagnose the problem. This indicated 'multi function switch failure'. This was replaced but the Audi once again went into 'failsafe mode'. Repeat analysis indicated brake light switch malfunction. This was replaced. The problem persisted. Karl sent me for a second opinion to 'efitech' run by Wayne Frost who was most helpful. His analyser indicated 'code 00652 gear monitoring (slippage). After getting several quotations for repairs I returned to A Automotive and asked Karl to change the transmission fluid. The workshop was very busy and it was late in the afternoon but Karl made the time to do the job himself. He returned with the transmission oil. 'Milkshake' he said. Radiator contamination of the transmission. He offered me a courtesy car and repairs were commenced. A Automotive were most helpful.

Frank Hibiscus Coast

I would recommend them to any potential client.

I have used A Automotive for a number of years, using their skills to encompass problems ranging from automatic gearbox to suspension failures. In all cases they have been efficient and courteous in handling these difficulties. I would recommend them to any potential client.

Andrew Glenfield

We are delighted with the vehicle and would recommend you to others in the future.

Dear Daphney and Karl, I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and patience getting to the bottom of our Ford Escape problems. We are extremely grateful for the time you have invested and have been impressed with the level of service and friendly approach throughout.

We are delighted with the vehicle and would recommend you to others in the future.

Steve & Dianne Saw Auckland

Really great honest service

After purchasing a VW 2007 the auto transmission clearly had major issues after 40 mins of driving - slipping/clunking etc. feared the worst - but after calling Karl at AAutomotive he explained the issue provided me with the best price out of 3 â€" loaned me a car and sorted it in a day - it went from major worry/headache to resolution in 24 hours - really great honest service.

Quinn Auckland

They are very professional in their approach to our needs and they stand by their work.

Since using A Automotive in 2006 our fleet of Total Mobility Vehicles have been well looked after by Karl, Daphne and their team of mechanics. They are very professional in their approach to our needs and they stand by their work. Our fleet consists of Toyota Hi-Aces and a mixture of passenger cars, automatic and manual, A Automotive caters for them all and we have never experienced any workmanship problems with the servicing of our fleet. I look forward to a long and friendly business relationship with Karl and his team.

Roger R&R Total Mobility Ltd

I would not hesitate to recommend your services.

Just a short note to express my appreciation to you and your staff for the excellent repair recently completed for me. It was a pleasure to deal with a courteous and professional company. The follow-up phone call was much appreciated. I would not hesitate to recommend your services.

Garth Penrose

Well done A Automotive Services

With regards the transmission overhaul performed on my Mitsubishi Chariot V6 3litre I am exceedingly pleased with the result and have no hesitation in recomending your operation to any one requiring a transmission repair.Apart from the fact that my vehicle has never been as smooth in the 160,000 km driven by myself alone, you listened to my problems and took the appropriate action.Your website says it all.

Well done A Automotive Services. Please feel free to use this unsolicited testomonial in any way you wish.

G. Russell Anderson Auckland

We are very happy with the service and would recommend A Automotive to anyone who has car problems especially transmission problems.

We own a A160 Merc great car but when the transmission failed we shopped around for advice on fixing it and cost of repair.

After having numerous garages telling us that the car was not worth repairing and to buy a new one, we found A Automotive on line and they were able to give us an estimate on how much the repair would cost and how long it would take for the car to be repaired.

We are very happy with the service and would recommend A Automotive to anyone who has car problems especially transmission problems.

Karen & Kevin Auckland

Installed and been on a short test drive, all good at present.

Quick note to thank you for the prompt and efficient service provided regarding my exchange transmission. Installed and been on a short test drive, all good at present. Thanks and cheers.

Bernie Morgan

Terms & Conditions

We’ll tow your vehicle for FREE within a 30km radius of A Automotive Services in Glenfield. If we tow you from a distance further than 30km our standard rate of $2.00 per kilometre (plus GST) will be charged.

If we tow your vehicle and you decide later that you will not have the repairs done at A Automotive Services Ltd, the standard towing rate of $2.00 per kilometre return (plus GST) will apply.

Free towing applies to full automatic transmision and gearbox rebuilds only.

If your vehicle is at A Automotive Services for repair, you can get a free courtesy vehicle so you can get home, to work, etc., while your vehicle is unavailable. We only ask that you replace any petrol that you use. This offer is subject to a courtesy vehicle being available, so please ask about it when you make your booking.

If you suspect that there is a problem with your torque converter, send it to us or use our pick-up, repair and delivery service, and we’ll cut it open and give you a report on the condition and what it will cost to repair your torque converter.

We’re confident our prices are some of the lowest you’ll find. So if you can find a better price for the same service, we’ll beat it by 5%. Simply bring us an itemised quote from a reputable repairer and we’ll do the same work for 5% less. Note that the repairer must be an established transmission reconditioning shop of good standing, not a back yard mechanic. The quote must be on the repairer’s original, official stationery, not a photocopy or fax.

This offer is not valid with the countrywide pick-up, repair and delivery service.

If you require finance to pay for a repair or rebuild we have finance companies that we use for this type of work and have all the paperwork on hand. Normal lending criteria will apply.

* The offers above are made in good faith. However, we reserve the right to withdraw any offer at our sole discretion without prior notification.