Manual Gearbox Rebuilds & Repairs

They’re relatively simple and robust, but gearboxes do break

While stick shifts are simpler in design and tend to be quite robust compared to automatic transmissions, manual gearbox trouble is by no means rare. Manual shifts require greater driver skill than auto transmissions and can pick up serious damage if the wrong gears are engaged by mistake.

Manual gearbox repairs often involve the clutch mechanism, as this can easily be damaged by drivers “riding the clutch”, i.e. not releasing it completely when driving. This can cause overheating and all the problems that result from too much heat.

Gearbox trouble mostly announces itself through crunching noises during gear shifts. In case of a serious fault, a manual shift vehicle may not go at all.

Types of gearboxes we rebuild

Automatic transmissions and gearbox rebuilds are our special areas of expertise at A Automotive. The advanced skills and knowledge our technicians have built up in working on highly complex automatic transmissions equip our staff exceptionally well to fix or rebuild manual gearboxes.

This applies whether your vehicle has a standard gearbox, sequential manual transmission or semi-automatic transmission. While most of the vehicles that come under our care have synchronised (or synchromesh) transmissions, we are able to repair unsynchronised gearboxes just as well.

The gears in most modern manual vehicles are permanently meshed, with the gear selector or gear shift simply controlling which gear combinations to link to the drive shaft. Heavy machinery or specialised performance vehicles may use unsynchronised gearboxes.

How we repair and rebuild manual gearboxes

A thorough repair job on a manual gearbox requires the complete dismantling of the gearbox. Every part is stripped down and inspected one by one, ensuring that it has not suffered damage. At A Automotive, we replace all damaged parts, as well as soft components and consumables. As we have our own machine shop, we can do retooling as necessary. All parts that are still serviceable for the long run are cleaned thoroughly and re-installed.

We are so confident of our gearbox rebuilds that we offer our A Automotive Warranty on all gearbox rebuilds.

To get your manual gearbox rebuilt or repaired by the experts, contact A Automotive Services today to get a quote.