Mechanical Rebuilds & Repairs

Auckland’s mechanical repair specialists

With our advanced electronic diagnostic capabilities and years of expertise, A Automotive Services can quickly and accurately identify the mechanical problem with your vehicle and fix it.

Whether it is a fault with your automatic transmission, manual gearbox, clutch, torque converter, differential or case transfer… A Automotive will get you back on the road as soon as possible, for as little as possible.

We do everything from quick minor repairs right up to complete overhauls and rebuilds. We also source and install replacement, aftermarket and performance transmissions.

You can be confident that we’ll do everything that’s needed to ensure trouble-free motoring for you, and nothing unnecessary.

To get your vehicle repaired by the experts, or just to have proven experts giving it a through check-up, contact A Automotive Services.

Pick-up, Repair & Delivery Service*

From anywhere in New Zealand

Transmission Repairs

You can have the experts at A Automotive Services giving your automatic transmission, gearbox, torque converter or differential the benefit of their specialist knowledge – no matter where you are in New Zealand!

We don’t need to see you in person or go over your entire vehicle – all that needs to happen is that we get your auto transmission, gearbox, torque converter or differential into our workshop. This is easier than you might imagine. We can organise for these parts to be picked up and and freighted to us.

We can then run the necessary diagnostic tests, give it a good going over and repair or recondition it as required, after first clearing the work and costs with you. When the part is in perfect working order again, we’ll freight it back to you for installation.

The only additional cost involved is the standard charges of the freight companies we use for pick up and delivery.

Depending on where you are in the country, you could have your vehicle in full running order within 3-5 days. With the assurance that your auto trans, gearbox, torque converter or differential has been cared for by specialist rebuilders!

* Because of regional cost variations, this offer is not valid with our Price Guarantee.
** All repairs must be paid for (in cleared funds) prior to delivery.