BMW Automatic Transmission Repairs

Get your BMW automatic transmission problems fixed by the experts

BMW automatic transmission problems are common and at A Automotive we encounter them all too often. Not surprisingly, we have become experts at BMW transmission repairs.

This is despite the confidence BMW has in their automatic transmissions. On their 5L40E transmission, for instance, BMW even have a message written on the pan that says: Sealed for life. Do not service. This automatic transmissions is fitted to the BMW diesel, as well as on the last of the E46 series of 3-Series transmissions.

The truth of the matter is that these transmissions must be serviced like any other, otherwise they can develop serious problems requiring a complete transmission overhaul.

Transmission faults on BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series models produced after 2003 often develop mechatronic and valve body faults in the automatic transmission.

These BMW transmission faults in late model 7 Series cars usually show up as:

  • Harsh engagement when shifting from N to D
  • Slippage when shifting from third to fourth gear
  • Roll down problems when shifting from second to first gear
  • Going into failsafe mode to “limp home” in one gear.

These BMWs also often suffer torque converter faults that cause the car to shudder when driving with light throttle at 40-50km/h. This requires extensive work to upgrade the torque converter.

Automatic transmission problems in imported BMWs

At A Automotive, we find that many imported BMWs have automatic transmission problems caused by faulty internal seals. This is due to the heat many of these cars have been subjected to in Asian countries. It causes the rubber to lose its pliability and become rock hard and brittle.

Transmission repairs

These ineffective rubber seals cause leakages that show up over time as automatic transmission problems.

Auto trans problems in BMW diesel models

BMW commonly uses the GM transmission 5040E in their diesel models. This auto trans has undergone many upgrades through the years and develops lots of problems.

These auto trans problems typically include:

  • Loss of reverse gear
  • Converter failure
  • Lining delamination
  • Valve body deterioration.

Whenever we encounter these problems at the A Automotive workshop, we do extensive upgrades to the valve body, replace all the friction plates and mould pistons.

Common transmission problems on 3 and 5 Series BMW

BMWs in the 3 Series and 5 Series that come with the 5-speed ZF transmission commonly experience problems with torque converter delamination. Drivers will notice signs of this problem when the car appears to shudder or misfire at around 40-50km/h.

This BMW transmission problem needs to be repaired as soon as the first signs are noticed. If you drive until the converter lining actually fails, it can destroy the entire pump assembly in the transmission. This will require a complete reconditioning of the automatic transmission.

BMW drivers are cautioned that it is better to spend a little now, rather than a lot later.

Apart from the problem with the torque converter delaminating, these 5-speed transmissions commonly suffer breakage of the D/G cylinder. If this breaks, the car loses reverse gear. This automatic transmission problem is another that requires a total transmission overhaul to repair.

BMW automatic transmission repairs

The BMW transmission problems mentioned above are only a few among the many that A Automotive repairs and overhauls on a regular basis.

A Automotive are BMW transmission specialists with over 30 years experience repairing European transmissions for dealerships and the public.

To get your BMW automatic transmission rebuilt or repaired by the experts, contact A Automotive Services today to get a quote.