Clutch Repairs & Replacement

A thorough repair job guarantees thousands of trouble-free miles

Manual transmission clutches use different levels of friction to control the transfer of torque from the vehicle’s engine. This often causes excessive wear and you’ll probably need a clutch replacement from time to time.

Signs of a faulty clutch include the engine revving high when you pull away, having to change down earlier when going uphill, poor fuel economy or a clutch pedal with lots of play or that feels unusually stiff. (You should ideally have 10-15mm of play.)

How we replace your manual clutch

It is often the clutch disk that is the defective part, with facings getting worn. Faults that appear to be clutch problems are sometimes actually in the clutch linkage system. Because the cause of a faulty clutch can be hard to isolate, at A Automotive Services we’ll check all parts of the clutch assembly, including the pressure plate, pilot bearings, clutch cable and the various seals.

To replace a clutch, we separate the gearbox from the engine and take apart the entire clutch assembly if needed. This allows us to find any current as well as potential clutch problems. We replace any defective components with new or remanufactured parts.

Since dismantling the clutch assembly is a major cost, once it is done it makes sense to do repairs with an eye to the future. So at A Automotive Services we make sure that all the parts we put into your clutch assembly are good for a long time to come. You wouldn’t want to have to fix it again any time soon!

To get your clutch replaced by the experts, contact A Automotive Services today to get a quote.