Honda Automatic Transmission Repairs

Get your Honda automatic transmission problems fixed by the experts

Honda automatic transmissions can give years of good service without needing major auto trans repairs. However, Honda transmissions need to be serviced on a regular basis. A regular flush out can extend the life of the transmission by up to another 50,000km.

Honda transmission servicing

In most Honda transmissions, it is impossible to replace the filter without dismantling the transmission. To avoid this expensive operation, it is even important than for other makes of car that the transmission oil is replaced regularly. It is also crucial that the correct oil is used. This is even more critical on Honda CVT transmissions. A Automotive recommend servicing your Honda transmission every year or every 20,000km, whichever comes first. This is a small price to pay for peace of mind, rather than running the risk of getting a big transmission repair bill later on.

Honda transmission problems

Slippage is a common problem with Honda transmissions. This occurs when changing from first gear to second gear. The driver usually notices this problem as a shuddering vibration during the shift. The other sign of this transmission problem is that the transmission light or the engine light
comes on. Hondas also typically display problems in the differential bearings. If your Honda is getting noisy when driving or it has oil leaking around the axle area, chances are you have this transmission fault.

Honda Odyssey and some Honda Accord models also tend to exhibit oil leaks from the case. This is caused by a broken case gasket.

All these Honda transmission problems require urgent repair.

Honda CVT transmissions

Honda Civic and Honda Stream models are fitted with a CVT transmission. A common problem on this continuously variable transmission is a faulty start clutch. This shows up as a vibration when taking off.

If you are experiencing this symptom with your Honda CVT transmission, contact A Automotive Services as soon as possible to fix this fault before it gets worse.

Transmission repairs

Honda automatic transmission repairs

A Automotive repairs and overhauls all types of Honda transmissions.

We recommend overhauling Honda transmissions instead of fitting a second hand unit. This gives you the assurance that the transmission is suited to your vehicle. With a fully reconditioned converter from A Automotive, we modify certain parts to improve on new parts that have proven unreliable. Installing a reconditioned transmission will give you peace of mind for years of trouble
free motoring and cost savings in the long run.

A Automotive are Honda auto trans specialists with over 30 years experience repairing automatic transmissions for dealerships and the public.

To get your Honda automatic transmission rebuilt or repaired by the experts, contact A Automotive Services today to get a quote.