Extend the life of your Automatic Transmission

Get a Transmission Oil Cooler fitted today

The key to an automatic transmissions long life is keeping the transmission fluid fresh, clean, and cool. When automatic transmission fluid temperatures exceed the optimum operating range of 70°C to 90°C (160°F to 200°F) it begins to break down, decreasing the life of the fluid and in turn the life of the friction plates, bands, valves, springs, seals, bearings and other internal transmission parts. Installation of a transmission oil cooler will extend the life of the transmission and prevent costly repairs.

Auto transmission oil coolers perform best when they are installed in conjunction with the factory cooler and mounted in front of the radiator (contact us for recommendations). With cool transmission fluid re-entering the auto trans, the valves, springs, seals, bearings and other internal transmission parts perform as intended, resulting in smoother operation, positive shifts, lower floor board temperatures and extended transmission life.

The life expectancy of an automatic transmission is dramatically reduced with excessive heat.

Who should fit a Transmission Oil Cooler?

If you use your vehicle for towing, drive in stop-start traffic, or carry heavy loads, or if you have air-conditioning and power steering your transmission needs to have a transmission oil cooler fitted. If you drive a recreational car, a street machine with a high performance automatic transmission, or a race car, you need an auto transmission oil cooler.

When should an Oil Cooler be fitted to a car?

The surest sign that an automatic transmission is going to have to work harder and take on bigger loads than it was designed for is when a tow bar is fitted to a car. If you’re going to fit a tow bar to your vehicle we suggest you install an auto transmission oil cooler at the same time.