European Automatic Transmission Servicing

Bring your car to the European transmission specialists for servicing

Regularly servicing the transmission on your European car can help ensure you avoid expensive repair work.
A number of European cars have specific transmission issues that require attention when servicing.

  • The oil level and condition of Audi multitronic transmissions cannot be checked easily. Not keeping tabs on the condition and oil level of these transmissions could lead to serious problems. So let A Automotive Services check your Audi multitronic transmission for you.
  • The 5L40E transmission as fitted to BMW diesel models must be serviced regularly to prevent failure caused by inherent design flaws.
  • Many BMW transmissions have a notice that says: Sealed for life. Do not service. Many car owners and mechanics take this at face value and fail to service the transmission. At A Automotive, we often encounter these BMW transmissions with serious failures that could have been prevented with a normal transmission servicing routine.
  • Many European cars have CVT transmissions. These continuously variable transmissions are used on models such as Audi A4, all the Audi “multitronic” transmissions, Mercedes A Class models after 2006, some Mercedes B Class models. If your car has a CVT transmission, it is especially important to have the transmission serviced regularly.

European transmission servicing

To service a European transmission, A Automotive follows a comprehensive range of steps to ensure your European auto trans will operate properly and give you years of trouble free motoring.

  • Drain all transmission fluid
  • Remove the oil pan and clean it
  • Check the fluid for sludge or any signs of metal or clutch lining material
  • Remove, clean and replace filters
  • Test the bands and controls, adjusting where needed
  • Refit the pan, using a new gasket
  • Fill the transmission with new transmission fluid, making sure the type and levels are correct
  • Inspect seals and hoses for leaks and wear
  • Test operation of the serviced automatic transmission.
Transmission repairs

When there are signs of high wear in your European transmission, or the transmission fluid is unusually dirty, we perform a transmission flush. Simply draining the fluid leave residue of the old fluid in tight spots, which will contaminate new fluid immediately. A transmission flush gets rid of these remnants by forcing fluid through the transmission under pressure.

The European transmission servicing specialists

A Automotive service all types of European transmissions. We are European transmission specialists with over 30 years experience servicing and repairing transmissions on European cars.

To get your European automatic transmission serviced by the experts, contact A Automotive Services today to get a quote.