Mechanical Servicing for trouble-free motoring

Auto transmission, gearbox, differential & transfer case servicing

As one of all too few specialists in the field, servicing, rebuilding and reconditioning automatic transmissions is the major focus for us at A Automotive Services. We have the expert knowledge and specialised equipment required to service these highly sophisticated vehicle components.

However, your vehicle doesn’t run on a transmission or gearbox alone and it makes sense for us to offer you general automotive services as well. On their way to becoming specialists in their field, our technicians acquired all the mechanical skills needed to effect repairs on other parts of cars as well.

Mechanical Servicing offered at A Automotive includes:

  • Free Mechanical Check & Report

  • Free Auto Transmission Strip & Report*

  • Automatic Transmission Servicing

  • European Automatic Transmission Servicing

  • Manual Gearbox Servicing

  • Differential & Transfer Case Servicing

  • Transmission Oil Cooler Kits

  • Other Mechanical Services

Transmission repairs

Free Mechanical Check & Report

It’s just part of the service

As a customer of A Automotive Services, you don’t even have to make an appointment to get our Free Check & Report. Simply drive up to our workshop and we can quickly check some vital indicators on your vehicle while you wait.

This service is available for FREE for any vehicle that has had its automatic transmission serviced at A Automotive within the last 15 months.

The Free Check & Report includes:

  • Checking oil levels (only for cars with dipsticks)
  • Assessing if the oil needs replacing
  • Oil top-ups as needed (Excludes full synthetic oils and CVT fluid)
  • Visual inspection for leaks
  • A test drive by our trained technicians, at your option
  • Suggestions and advice for the effective maintenance of your car.

This Free Check & Report focuses on one of the major causes of expensive problems many vehicle owners run into, namely running a vehicle with too little oil or oil that’s no longer clean enough to do its job properly.

While not a substitute for regular proper servicing, this free check-up will help you keep tabs on how your vehicle is doing, show up potential problems and do the crucial little things to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

The peace of mind you get – not to mention the potential savings on future repair work – makes the little investment in your time well worthwhile. From our side, it’s just part of our service to help you keep your vehicle on the road and going well.